Speed Reading Tips


If you have so many documents or texts to read, whether for academic, business or personal enrichment, but do not have unlimited time to allocate for reading, here are some Speed Reading Tips that can help you maximize what you get from reading everything you need to read in a shorter time, without sacrificing the depth of your understanding and comprehension.

Speed Reading Tips:

1. Speed reading tips – Wake up early so you can read early.  A lot of individuals attest to the increased and uninterrupted focus brought about by reading early in the day.

2. Speed reading tips – Familiarize yourself with the structure and flow of the material.  If you need to read an entire book, study the table of contents first so you will know which sections you need to read thoroughly and devote a lot of time to and which sections you can just browse through and skim.

3. Speed reading tips – Make the environment conducive to reading.  Look for a corner in your house or in your room that will stimulate faster reading.  Avoid places that are near windows or doors as these would be prone to noise and avoid getting near television, computer or telephones so you can focus on reading.

4. Speed reading tips –  Write your questions before reading the material.  Treat the text that you will read as answers to your questions so you will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the information you would have to read.

5. Speed reading tips – Adjust your reading speed to fit the material.  Some materials may need thorough reading while skimming will just be sufficient for others.  In addition, evaluate also what specific information you need from this material so you will know what reading speed you should adopt.  Do not stick to one specific reading speed or one specific reading type for all text materials you need to read.

6. Speed reading tips – Use a pointer.  You can use your hand or a card as pointers.  It will help you move along the lines faster and at the same time, picking essential information quickly.

7. Speed reading tips – Jot down notes.  You can take down brief notes on some essential details posited in the material.  In this way, you can just refer to your notes after instead of reading the entire selection again.

8. Speed reading tips – Avoid spending time on unessential details.  Do not spend too much time on conjunctions.  Most books also include introductory parts that may no longer be necessary.  Stick only to those you need.

9. Speed reading tips – Take a rest if you are already tired.  Reading even when you are already tired slows down your speed and does not assure comprehension.  You may just end up wasting your time without picking up any information you need.  You can take a short break then go back to reading once you are already recharged.

10. Speed reading tips – Devote a time solely for reading.  This time should be conducive to learning and comprehending new information.  This time should be free from other preoccupations or other concerns.  Thus, manage your time wisely so you can allocate a time when reading will be your only priority and the only item in your to-do list.

Use the speed reading tips and boost your reading speed.

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